Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bear Mtn, NY
Sept 4, 2005

This was an outing to Bear Mtn which is the highest point on the AT in NY and part of the extensive Harrimann Park system. Access is easy and I parked at a public picnic area below the Harriman Lodge at the bottom of the hill. Since it was a holiday weekend, they were charging $10 per car for parking. Being relatively cheap, I elected to walk about 1/4-mile from the public area.

It was going to be a warm day. The climb up was hot and there were a number of day-hikers on the AT from the Lodge up to the Lookout Monument at the top of the mountain. About an hour later, I got to the top via the Trail. This area is accessible by car and there were many people wandering around. I took some pictures and then headed east looking for another "star vista" as shown on my Harriman Park hiking map. On the way I ran into the "QSY Ham Radio Club" operating the ARRL VHF contest from atop Bear Mtn. What a great location for the contest. There's no higher location in this area and they had a 30' Rohn tower setup with a 6m and 2m beams on rotors. Outstanding! They even got permits for overnight camping! I t was a bunch of real friendly guys and I talked with them, sharing stories, doing an Elecraft show-and-tell, etc. There were some HF guys so we had a good time.

I then hiked about 1/4-mile east of there site, setup the vertical and K1, and started to have some QRP fun. It was hot and this site overlooked the Hudson River to the east. I made a number of QSOs, packed up about 6pm and hiked down the very steep "alternative" trail to the lodge area. All in all, it was a fun but hot day!!

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