Friday, June 13, 2008

National Trail Day QRP Adventure

It was a hot, humid and windless day for QRP adventure to a nearby "antenna support structure", BearFort Firetower just south of West Milford NJ. I have been to this site numerous times in the winter but wanted to get some video in order to use Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 software....which is free for Windows XP and Vista users. Nice package with some enhanced features and the price is right! I'm experimenting with packing my K2 since I'll be using it for CW and SSB for the upcoming Coloradio 14er adventure in August. This video also includes some footage of my multi-band dipole that I use for backpacking.


Steve-wGØAT said...

Great radio side! Or should I say 'HOT spot' ...good job on the video production!

W8AQ said...

Very cool, err, hot, Guy! I enjoy watching you and Steve with your videos. Been in TV for 30 years and enjoy your stuff as much as anything, but maybe the ham thing explains that. Hope to catch you again on-air soon. Your QSL was beautiful! 73.