Thursday, June 17, 2010

News Release June, 2010:

The Old Goats DXpedition team (wG0AT, N7UN and including Rooster and Peanut!) are planning our 3rd Colo 14er "special event" activation of of a Colorado 14er this August 8th, 2010 using our 2009 callsign of N0B. After setting a "first" for a QRP HF out-of-state, 14er-to-14er qso in 2008 (Mt. Whitney, CA to Uncompaghre, CO), this time we hope to make a 3-way, summit QSOs between two California peaks and our yet-to-be-selected Colorado peak. The Colorado team will hike into a high base camp on Friday and setup QRP antennas for Friday and Saturday radio fun. Then at 4 am, Sunday, we will start the summit climb with a goal of an 8 am summit activation using special event callsign N0B. At the same time, several operators (Brian/N6IZ for sure) will be climbing Mt. Shasta and several others are looking at Mt. Whitney. Anybody that might be interested in participating even if its basecamp activities in support of the climbing teams, please contact Guy/N7UN. You can get updated information at Hope to work you!

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