Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a great 10 days in J7-land Dominica
Wow!  What a great time due in part by my escape from weeks of sub-freezing temperatures in NJ!  Certainly the 80's in Dominica were a welcome treat.  The north shore of Dominica is beautiful.  Actually the whole island is a recreational playground with many beautiful beaches and an abundance of hiking trails.  Economically, however, Dominica is much more impoverished than other Caribbean islands with greater than 60% of its estimated 70k population chronically unemployed.  Tourism plays a major economic role and there are many, many roadside stands selling local fruits, vegetables, and handmade crafts.  And the island has launched one of the first national hiking trails that goes from the north to the south through two of its national parks.  The Wai'tuKubuli National Trail is 174km long, divided into 14 segments, is destined to be a major Caribbean eco-destination for hikers.  The trail passes from the southern beaches through two National Heritage protected  Parks north to the very scenic north shore ending in history-rich Portsmouth. 

The intriped Buddipole team of Chris/W6HFP, Steve/wG0AT, and myself spent nearly each day of our week long dxpedition hiking and field activating remote beach or mountain sites in this very scenic island.  See some of the pictures of the many days hiking and some of the beautiful beaches we had some QRP fun, often between frequent rain showers!  But the rain squalls were short lived and more importantly, they were warm!

Steve/wG0AT is creating one of his famous videos of our fun.  Stay tuned for more action!

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