Monday, June 20, 2011

Club Call nS0TA Received!

Based on Fred's/KT5X effort in attaining a club call, wS0TA, I formed a Club with Steve/wG0AT under the FCC rules.  With the appropriate paperwork signed and submitted with the ARRL at Dayton, we received our initial club callsign of KD2AGC within an hour!  Three days later, I applied for a Vanity callsign of nS0TA after paying the $13 for a 10-yr license.  Then the 18 day waiting period began but by June 19th, I received confirmation of the issuance of nS0TA!  Yahoo!  See for more information.

Now a whole other dimension of SOTA fun! And with "some help from our friends", nS0TA Club was nicknamed, the "SOTAmigos"!

On 30 June I will "christen" the new call by a local SOTA opeation to High Point, NJ W2/NJ-001.  I will start out on 14.061-cw and if band condx are good, I will try 18.096-cw.  Hope to work you!