Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coloradio nS0TA and N0B qrp Radio Adventures

I have planned another nS0TA adventure extravaganza for August, this time to Coloradio for two adventures: 1) the annual Colo-14er N0B event ( see for detail information) and 2) three days in Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park. I've never spent any time in ROMO (see for info) and am looking forward to exploring this magnificent NP. A local ham (W0LI) who also is a volunteer at the Park has assisted me in logistics planning: Aug 2/Tue: SOTA activate Hallett Peak (W0/FR-018), an iconic ROMO landmark. More info and pictures at On Aug 3/Wed: activate Yipsilon Peak (W0/FR-009), another beautiful peak in the Mummy Range NW of Estes Park. See for some great pictures. Then on Aug 4/Thurs: W0LI/Rich has organized a "sunrise" local club hike and "demo" activation of Sundance Peak (W0/FR-019). The 3 or 4 am departure may be the biggest challenge! More info and pictures at

Then a drive south to Steve's/wG0AT place near Colo Springs to prep for our three day adventure into the San Juan Range in south central Colo for our "big 14-er event" for N0B and participation in the annual Colo-14er ham radio special event on Aug 7th. This year KT5X/Fred will join us. The plan is to drive into the trailhead on Friday, camp and hike locally, then on Saturday move up to a higher base camp (around 12,000 ft) in preparation for an early, before dawn departure on Sunday. Our faithful sherpas, Rooster and Peanut will help us "ol' goats" with the logistics! You can see some great pictures of Handies at

Handies Peak 14,060 ft on right
In all cases, we plan to operate at least one station on 14.061-CW. Watch for more information each day for these trips. Follow us at We look forward to working you!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

nS0TA to the White Mtns of New Hampshire

I'm planning a 5-day hike and camping trip thru the White Mtns of NH which will include a 6 peak SOTA extravaganza thru some of the most scenic and physically demanding mountains in the NE USA. And the week will end with a "benefit" climb (for the summit observatory, see for more detailed information) of Mt. Washington 6,288ft/1,917m, which has the distinction as the "Home of the world's Worst Weather". Read about the 200+ mph winds at

Since I've not spent anytime in these mountains, my times are approximate and I won't activate (or climb) in rainy or dangerous weather. I'll SMS post via Twitter/cellphone my current summit status. Here's my daily planned iteniary:

Monday/18 Jul: 7 hr driveup from NJ to the Whites. Camp at Layfayette Campground.

Tuesday/19 Jul: Hike the Franconia Ridge Loop with a stop at Mt. Layfayette (W1/HA-002). See for some nice pictures and detailed info.

Wed/20 Jul: Hike the Hancock Loop Trail with a stop at Mt. Hancock (W1/HA-046). See for some nice pictures of the "Hancocks".

Thurs/21 Jul: If the wx cooperates, this will be a "double" attempt as Mt Jefferson (W1/HA-120) and Mt Adams (W1/HA--093) are within 2.5 miles of each other. See for some info. Also

Fri/22 Jul: This will be a quick one if the wx is cooperating to Wildcat Mtn (W1/HA060).

Sat/23 Jul: This is the BIG one, a benefit climb for the wx observatory at the summit. See Much has been written about Mt Washington. I look forward to the visit and, wx and wind cooperating, the SOTA activation. The "Seek the Peak" organizers are planning somewhat of a big festival/party with some 500 folks planned to attend. Just more really good stories!

Hope to work you during this nS0TA week! Regards, Guy/N7UN with the club call nS0TA.

Friday, July 01, 2011

nS0TA to the Green Mtns of Vermont

I will activate 4 peaks in VT from July 4th-6th on a 3 day camping/hiking trip. The wx looks favorable right now.

July 4th: Mt Stratton (W1/GM-007) at 3,940ft (1201m). This will be a 9.3 mi loop hike. Planned summit time of 1800 utc with my K1 on 14.061-cw. Overnight camp at Grout Pond.

July 5th: Pico Peak (W1/GM-183) at 3,957 ft (1206m) will be first. With a 2.9 mi hike to the summit and a planned activation at 1500 utc with my K1 on 14.061-cw. Then around 1700 utc or so, I'll hike 3 mi south along the Appalachian Trail to Killington (W1/GM-002). Killington is the site of a famous NE ski resort. Elevation is 4,235 ft (1291m). Planned activation time is around 1900 utc. I will then hike the return route for a total hike of about 12 mi.

July 6th: I'll drive north to Mount Mansfield, VT's tallest mtn at 4,393 ft (1,339m). This will be a 7.9 mi loop hike. Planned summit time of 1600 utc.

I've never hiked in the Green Mtns before so changes in the plans can occur. I will announce via Twitter to my status and any changes in these plans.