Friday, July 01, 2011

nS0TA to the Green Mtns of Vermont

I will activate 4 peaks in VT from July 4th-6th on a 3 day camping/hiking trip. The wx looks favorable right now.

July 4th: Mt Stratton (W1/GM-007) at 3,940ft (1201m). This will be a 9.3 mi loop hike. Planned summit time of 1800 utc with my K1 on 14.061-cw. Overnight camp at Grout Pond.

July 5th: Pico Peak (W1/GM-183) at 3,957 ft (1206m) will be first. With a 2.9 mi hike to the summit and a planned activation at 1500 utc with my K1 on 14.061-cw. Then around 1700 utc or so, I'll hike 3 mi south along the Appalachian Trail to Killington (W1/GM-002). Killington is the site of a famous NE ski resort. Elevation is 4,235 ft (1291m). Planned activation time is around 1900 utc. I will then hike the return route for a total hike of about 12 mi.

July 6th: I'll drive north to Mount Mansfield, VT's tallest mtn at 4,393 ft (1,339m). This will be a 7.9 mi loop hike. Planned summit time of 1600 utc.

I've never hiked in the Green Mtns before so changes in the plans can occur. I will announce via Twitter to my status and any changes in these plans.

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