Sunday, July 17, 2011

nS0TA to the White Mtns of New Hampshire

I'm planning a 5-day hike and camping trip thru the White Mtns of NH which will include a 6 peak SOTA extravaganza thru some of the most scenic and physically demanding mountains in the NE USA. And the week will end with a "benefit" climb (for the summit observatory, see for more detailed information) of Mt. Washington 6,288ft/1,917m, which has the distinction as the "Home of the world's Worst Weather". Read about the 200+ mph winds at

Since I've not spent anytime in these mountains, my times are approximate and I won't activate (or climb) in rainy or dangerous weather. I'll SMS post via Twitter/cellphone my current summit status. Here's my daily planned iteniary:

Monday/18 Jul: 7 hr driveup from NJ to the Whites. Camp at Layfayette Campground.

Tuesday/19 Jul: Hike the Franconia Ridge Loop with a stop at Mt. Layfayette (W1/HA-002). See for some nice pictures and detailed info.

Wed/20 Jul: Hike the Hancock Loop Trail with a stop at Mt. Hancock (W1/HA-046). See for some nice pictures of the "Hancocks".

Thurs/21 Jul: If the wx cooperates, this will be a "double" attempt as Mt Jefferson (W1/HA-120) and Mt Adams (W1/HA--093) are within 2.5 miles of each other. See for some info. Also

Fri/22 Jul: This will be a quick one if the wx is cooperating to Wildcat Mtn (W1/HA060).

Sat/23 Jul: This is the BIG one, a benefit climb for the wx observatory at the summit. See Much has been written about Mt Washington. I look forward to the visit and, wx and wind cooperating, the SOTA activation. The "Seek the Peak" organizers are planning somewhat of a big festival/party with some 500 folks planned to attend. Just more really good stories!

Hope to work you during this nS0TA week! Regards, Guy/N7UN with the club call nS0TA.


VE9KK said...

Good morning Guy, it's now Monday the 25th and I would guess the climb is all done. I hope it went safe and you had lots of operating time. I read your blog post regarding your pre-trip planning and look forward to your post with the results.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guy,

Nice to finally meet the voice. This was my 10th climb and 2nd Seek the Peek. Good luck in CO. in the 14's.