Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another J6/St Lucia trip completed!

What a wonderful and scenic island. Each time I return with the Buddipole in the Carribean group, I discover more I like. I highly recommend this island to visit, either for a sightseeing vacation or ham radio activities. See our J6 website

With a "new" group of Buddipole users, we were operational from the "Chateau Devaux" in a matter of hours starting Monday morning, 5 Dec. And the 15m-10m bands were just plain "HOT"! 10m opened early (about 2 hrs after sunrise) into Europe and was going strong into the USA until an hour after sunset. Same for 15m and 12m. 20m and 17m seemed "dead" but were probably open but everyone was on the higher bands.

I entered into the ARRL 10m Contest on Sat/Sun. Really only operated about 12 hrs but had tremendous runs into Europe and the US. Wish I had operated more CW to boost my multiplier count but I'm sure that I was the only operater from J6....hence a First Place! Here's my clubLog totals:

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