SETI and the QRP ARCI Spring Contest

Last week (Mar 28th) I listened to a webinar at by Paul Davies, a rather famous physicist who has pushed the boundaries of questioning our core beliefs of science and its role in discovering reality.  Davies' recent book, The Eerie Silence:  Are we alone in the Universe? discusses some of the "issues" of the SETI efforts.

I'm on a break from the Spring QRP ARCI contest.  I can relate to the concept of "The Eerie Silence" as I CQ endlessly for new contacts to bolster my tally.  Mindlessly, I push my computer F1 key....then the silence.  Occasionally, out of that silence, pops a call that jars me awake.  A connection....and the conversation, brief tho' it may be, ensues.  It seems to me that we hams, in pursuit of our hobby, engage in our "STI" not knowing who, when or where a response will come from.  And therein lies the excitement and motivation to keep pushing that F1 key.

Ham radio contesting, and likewise life itself, is all about connections and relationships, however fragile and fleeting they may be.  So be sure to enjoy your family, friends, and relationships on this Easter weekend.  Like a contest qso, our interactions pass by very quickly.

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