Who Am I?

Guy Hamblen, N7UN, has been a ham since 1963 where the deep hum of big power supplies and the dazzling meter lights of his first Elmer in Idaho captured my imagination as a teenager.
Outdoor activities continue to be mountain climbing, long distance bicycling, and more recently, hiking in the Catskills and Adirondacks with a QRP CW rig, wire antennas, and a desire to have some QRP fun at any vista location including St Martin (PJ7), Saba (PJ5),  St Lucia (J6), and Dominica (J7) over the last several years.  I was first licensed as K7YYK, then AA7QZ, then finally N7UN. After relocating to New Jersey with my job at the UPS Information Technology Center, I began hiking in the Catskills and Adirondacks of the Northeast, always taking my trusty Elecraft K1 transceiver to have some QRP fun in the field. It's always fun when you get to answer the inevitable question: "You're doing what!!??" That in itself is the reward for QRP in the field.